Smart City Conference-Autonomous boats: a journey through future Europe


Kiel Science Hub (Wissenschaftszentrum Kiel) presents a hibrid event with international guests from Kiel, Amsterdam and Trondheim to present their innovative concepts of intelligent water transportation of the 21st centrury.

In a mixture of presentations and a panel discussion our guests highlight three advanced projects and show how they interprete the future of urban water transportation. To what extend can ships drive autonomously today? Other than public transportation, which application fields exist for autonomous vessels? What are major concerns in the development process of autonomous ferries? What is the role of design in such projects? Join us to get some insights about similarities and differences of the projects, challenges that accur along the way, and how future R&D collaborations may foster advancements for a sooner implementation.

Among our guests we welcome
– Erik Dyrkoren (CEO at Blueye Robotics and Zeabuz)
– Ynse Deinema (Project Coordinator at Roboat, Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions)
– Dirk Nowotka (Scientific Coordinator at CAPTN and Professor at the Department of Computer Science, Kiel University)
– Detlef Rhein (Professor at Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design)

Moderation: Julia Lange & Daniel Laufs (Kiel Science Hub)


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